Learning Amiga DOS


Ever wonder what life was like back when computers were primarily productivity tools?

Not only were there more than just two operating systems, but they didn’t play full screen video, and you had to actually learn how to use them. It was pretty awful.

This is a set of audio cassettes that teach you how to use AmigaDOS.  AmigaDOS would have been a great skill to have if you worked for one of the approximately 3% of US companies that used AmigaDOS – from 1986 – 1988.


But I hear you ask: “How can audio tapes teach me to use something as visual and complex as an operating system?”

Well, there’s a secret to it.  You see, the tapes were just in there to make you feel like you were getting your money’s worth.  The real secret was in the cover.



Set this up next to your monitor.  This guy stares at you disapprovingly until you learn AmigaDOS.


4 Responses to Learning Amiga DOS

  1. Byron says:

    Yes! Finally something about ways to get your ex back after you cheated.

  2. Malachite says:

    I saw a bunch of those on ebay recently. Never heard of them before this article.

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