Finally, a useful IT Certification for retro computing.


the Bit Planes is pleased to announce that it is moving forward with its plans to introduce a new gold-standard IT certification into the corporate world!

The LCEA (Legacy Computing Engineer – Amiga) will identify those computer enthusiast who want to distance themselves from the pack of CNE, MCSE, and A+ graduates with a professional certification that actually demonstrates foundational computer knowledge.   And there’s no need to worry about the knowledge expiring since retro computing is poised to grow in the coming decades. After all, these systems can only get more retro over time, right?   In the post-apocalyptic future when mankind if scrounging for tech, your esoteric knowledge will presumably be in massive demand!

Before we roll out this new cert to the rest of the world we need you!  The first sample test is now up to gauge the appropriateness of the subject matter.  Give it a try and report back your findings.


Amiga Certification Pre-test

Take this practice test and see if you could pass an Amiga IT certification exam, or if you’re going to be stuck administering Ubuntu or something for the rest of your career.




2 Responses to Finally, a useful IT Certification for retro computing.

  1. Bjoern says:

    I appreciate your work, creating this test. And I really love the Amiga platform, I’m using it since 1987.
    But after finishing this test I’m not sure if there will be a “market” for an Amiga certification which costs some money and time.
    Today there is simply no need for IT service providers to train consultants in retro skills for a home computer like the Amiga is (and actually ever was). The Amiga simply was no platform used for commercially relevant applications like finance or project management or industry. Amigas were used in TV productions, but in times of HDTV even the Indian television companies stopped using Amigas many years ago.
    There certainly is a small market for specialists in CP/M, Apple-II, Novell Netware or even OS/2 even today, as these platforms are still ticking somwhere, controlling some old plants and machines. But the Amiga? I don’t believe it.


  2. Dan.B says:

    Yes ! I’m certified :)

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