At the Global SX-64 Party


When was the last time that Commodore portable computers outnumbered Apples at your local Starbucks?  If you answered “Never.” You would have been right – at least until this January.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the world’s first color portable computer – the SX-64, the Commodore community is celebrating this milestone by holding a series of flash-mob style parties at Starbucks outlets around the world.

SX-64s at Starbucks

Most of the events took place on the week of January 20th, here in the Seattle region, the Puget Sound Commodore Users Group gathered at a Starbucks in Kirkland, Washington.

At any given time, there were 7-8 SX-64s up and running, with games, new hardware, and even Internet access via a makeshift LAN for use with the Comet 64 serial-to-Ethernet adapter boards which members of PSCUG develop.







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