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Is Your Retro Gaming Collection Haunted?

Could there be a secret menace lurking in the bits and bytes of your retro gaming collection? Poltergeists on your floppies? Apparitions in your Cartridges?

Learning Amiga DOS

Ever wonder what life was like back when computers were primarily productivity tools?

Seattle Retro Game Expo 2013 Announced

The 2013 Seattle Retro Game Expo 2013 has been announced for the weekend of July 13-14, at its new venue in Seattle Center.  Tickets are on sale now at http://www.seattleretro.org/admissions/

Rob, Will, Remy and TheBitPlanes will be there again this year alongside folks from the Microsoft Retro Gaming club, in a small booth in the center of the vendor hall.  Come by and say hi!


At the Global SX-64 Party

When was the last time that Commodore portable computers outnumbered Apples at your local Starbucks?  If you answered “Never.” You would have been right – at least until this January.

Decision Guide: AMIGA

(Updated 8/2016)

Not a intended as a beginner’s guide, but rather a reference developed to help already established retro collectors and hobbyists ease into new system collecting.   This time, TheBitPlanes takes a look at the Amiga.