Join us at the NWCGE Swap Meet 2015

We’ll be at the  second-annual Video Gaming Swap Meet at the Portland Doubletree Hotel on January 24, 2015. Expect to see tables full of games and hardware cheaper than anywhere else.  In More »

Join us at Seattle Retro Gaming Expo 2014!

The 2014 Seattle Retro Game Expo has been announced for the weekend of June 28-29, at its new venue: The Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle.  Tickets are on sale now at More »

Join us at the NWCGE Video Game Swap Meet on January 18, 2014

The BitPlanes will be attending the Portland Retro Game Expo/Northwest Classic Games Enthusiasts video game swap meet at the Portland Doubletree Hotel on January 18, 2014. Come see us at table 5 More »

Finally, a useful IT Certification for retro computing.

the Bit Planes is pleased to announce that it is moving forward with its plans to introduce a new gold-standard IT certification into the corporate world! More »

TheBitPlanes booth at Seattle Retro Gaming Expo

Don’t forget – Seattle Retro Gaming Expo is this weekend at Seattle Center.  This year, theBitPlanes has reloaded with all sorts of retro game swag. In addition to show exclusives like USB More »


Learning Amiga DOS

Ever wonder what life was like back when computers were primarily productivity tools?

Seattle Retro Game Expo 2013 Announced

The 2013 Seattle Retro Game Expo 2013 has been announced for the weekend of July 13-14, at its new venue in Seattle Center.  Tickets are on sale now at

Rob, Will, Remy and TheBitPlanes will be there again this year alongside folks from the Microsoft Retro Gaming club, in a small booth in the center of the vendor hall.  Come by and say hi!


RPG Fantasy World Quiz

Can you name every town in Azeroth but not the capital of Arizona? Is your preferred method of travel a Town Portal spell?  When you go outside, do you try to save every 5 minutes?

At the Global SX-64 Party

When was the last time that Commodore portable computers outnumbered Apples at your local Starbucks?  If you answered “Never.” You would have been right – at least until this January.

Decision Guide: AMIGA

(Updated 8/2016)

Not a intended as a beginner’s guide, but rather a reference developed to help already established retro collectors and hobbyists ease into new system collecting.   This time, TheBitPlanes takes a look at the Amiga.

SRGE Prizes!

Here are the raffle and tournament prizes being donated by The Bit Planes blog for the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo on June 16-17 2012 in Bellevue!